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The tools and resources you will see listed on this site are ones I’ve used and can thoroughly recommend. Most of them I have referred to in articles on AuthenticFX. Many of them are free, and those with a cost attached I have tried to keep as cheap as possible. This is because I believe the tools are excellent training resources for traders, and I don’t want to let price get in the way of your forex trading success.

If you’re interested in more personal details about myself and my trading career, I’ve attached below an extract from the About page on AuthenticFX.

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“Like most traders who eventually succeed I have spent my fair share of nights lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling”

I’ve been trading over 10 years now, and a few years back made the decision to set down all I knew and had learned, in an effort to help other traders, as well as crystallise ideas and the market’s many instructive lessons, in my own mind. Most of all, I wanted to pinpoint…


From all the courses, seminars and so on I had done, and most especially, the many thousands of hours spent sitting in front of charts trading, I began to distill the essentials. By this stage I was well armed for the task, having progressed through those stages surviving traders endure.  Each stage had layered its many lessons in a sequential and building manner.

But the one WATERSHED moment came when I threw away everything I’d been told was essential and just concentrated on what I’d learned about RAW PRICE ACTION!

Most teachers of Price Action Trading preach that it’s all about simplicity, i.e. stripping the indicators from your charts (although they usually substitute them with their own half-baked indicators or magical candle formulas.) They are at best, only half right.

The sort of Price Action I’m talking about is what I trade – and teach – these days. This is where you strip all the non-performing baggage off your charts andarmed with a detailed knowledge of what actually drives the market trade the raw movements of price:

1) At the right time
2) Using the right currency pairs
3) With the right risk parameters etc.
4) And most especially, trading off the secret levels where the Big Dog traders hunt! (And just a note here: the Paleo indicator that comes as a bonus to the Price Action Engine course automatically plots these on your MetaTrader charts!)

When I first adopted this approach it felt like invisible chains that had been wrapped around me, fell at my feet. As I emptied my mind of all the parameters, signals and triggers that were jumping out of all the indicators I had choking my charts, and incorporated the fundamental price action knowledge I had gained, price revealed how it moved in an organic manner, and how it acted and reacted throughout a trading session.

In a relatively short space of time I began to feel I had finally entered the world of the market as an active participant in control of my destiny, rather than the confused and locked-out observer I’d always felt like in the past.

That is the way I want YOU to feel when YOU trade, and I am certain that if you take all you can learn from this site and apply it correctly, it is how you WILL feel!

I wish you all the very best in your own career as a forex trader. And if you are reading this at one of those times when nothing seems to go right and you’re about to give up, remember that I’ve been there, and it is possible to pass through to the other side. I can offer no better encouragement than the immortal words of Winston Churchill:

When you’re going through hell, keep going!

Erron Adams


  1. Sally Hill says:

    Hello Mr. Adams
    I’m a novice and would like to learn to trade. I have learned the basic but have gotten so confused with all the marketing and products. I’ve read about price action and it seems logical to me. That said, would your Price action course be appropriate for a novice?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Sally,

      Of course I’m biased, but I believe it would be an excellent place for any novice to start. What I teach in the course are the things we really should know before we trade in earnest anyway, but unfortunately most of us take quite a while (many years perhaps, and some not ever) to learn. As to the subject of price action, a lot of places talk about it as if it is just another system or strategy. It is so much more. Taught properly, it is an education in the actual “biology” if you like, or inner workings of the market and its participants. The following is what I usually tell people who ask what the Price Action Engine is about:

      “The Price Action Engine is an education in the real drivers behind price movement, plus what I have found to be the very best tools – especially the Paleo indicator – to trade according to that knowledge. Aside from the Paleo indicator, there are several other bonus indicators and tools that I have found to be useful, and use in my own trading.

      It is not a trading strategy with strict rules for entry, exit etc., nor is it intended to be a Holy Grail system.

      Together – the knowledge and the tools – make up the toolbox that is the Price Action Engine. That toolbox is meant to enable traders to either design their own strategies and systems, or to use any other strategy that appeals to them and which they believe to be reasonably sensible, in a profitable manner. It is certainly the toolbox that I use in my own trading, and I am happy to recommend it to other traders.”

      Hope this helps,

      Erron Adams

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